Saturday, June 05, 2010

What is Zune? So Misunderstood by Journalists

I keep hearing journalists write about Zune all the time and say that it is DEAD (see this example article in PC World). It is very frustrating because they are factually wrong as many writer or journalists don't know much about the things they write about these days.

Zune is far from dead as it is becoming THE entertainment platform for all of Microsoft properties (except for MSN). It is in Xbox, Win Phone 7, KIN phones, Win 7 Media Center, Win 7 PC Zune Marketplace media player software and now United Airlines. This fact should be obvious to anyone who is paying attention to the online media space, but many journalist now are lazy and don't do proper research before writing a story.

Many in the media just refer to Zune in connection to just the Zune media player hardware devices and it is so much more than that today.


  1. Anonymous3:21 PM

    dude i agree.. but maybe they think zune is dead because it is advertised so little.. i have only seen two tv adds about the zunepass

  2. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Zune could be great. It could be seen as the only viable alternative to the iMonopoly.

    However, MS has forgotten to market anything Zune related.

    When Apple made it's push with iPod they didn't hold back. They actually WANTED marketshare. Take Boston, for instance. Every train platform had ads, inside the trains there were ads, leaving the stations there were ads, walking down the sidewalks there were mini billboards, there were ads on the large billboards, there were ads on teh sides of buses, there were ads on the inside of the bus, there were ads at the bus stops, there were ads EVERYWHERE not to mention on TV, radio and print. Apple got product placements on every news channel.

    Every other month for what seemed like a year, there was iSilhouettes everywhere.

    No one at MS even cared that their Zunes were misrepresented at the like of Best Buy et al. The display units looked horrible and never worked etc etc.

    MS needs to take it seriously or fail.

    I agree with what you wrote but MS also has to have marketing prowess.

    They need a "War Room" and the ability to create echo chambers on the fly.

  3. True, but this is not a reason for a journalist to not do a little research before they write an article. I do agree with you about the advertising point you made.

  4. Good point. But where exactly is Zune going to go from here? And what about Microsoft's competitors? It's true that journalists do not do enough research though and many of their stories are written from a biased point of view for one reason or another...