Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zune Podcasting Is Alive and Thriving

The recent Zune HD announcements have been exciting and it is great to see so many others excited about it as well. The images of the device do not show "Podcasts" as a top menu item, but it is in the mix and thriving on the entire Zune platform and devices. The Podcast menu item appears when you select a podcast to be added to your collection. The new Zune HD will continue to support audio and video podcasts. Zune is commited to offering podcast content as we have 4 people working on the Zune Podcast area. We will continue to expand the podcast catalog that is also available at our podcast area.

Update: Engadget has a nice article and set of hands-on gallery photos of the new Zune HD that shows clearly that Podcasts are indeed part of the top level navigation on the new device. Read it and see the photos.

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