Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is Friendfeed the future of Podcasting 3.0+

Twitter and Friendfeed are as Steve Rubel says, next-gen blogging platforms that are gaining ground very quickly, but these new blogging platforms could be the new way all syndicated digital media files are distributed. It seems like podcasts that integrate with these platforms could have some advantages in the long-term if these platforms become more friendly to podcasters at all levels. I can see major media companies benefiting from integrating with distribution tools that have advanced real-time audience interactivity tools built-in. Podcasting has long needed better audience participation processes and functions.

The combination of Twitters - easy participation/reach and FriendFeed type threaded conversations with embedded on-demand and live audio/video make for a very interesting media delivery, subscription and audience participation service that could be delivered directly to a broadband connection flat screen TV's or portable media players and multimedia enabled phones. I believe that this is the direction that Twitter and Friendfeed will go. This then presents an interesting opportunity for the audience to really join these shows and participate at a deeper level then ever possible. The potential is great in combination with live shows. Our TV’s of the future will have this audience integration more and this could directly impact the potential of live programs (we are seeing this develop already at places like UStream) as the audience could impact the show real-time. This does come with some dangers in the area of sponsors and filtering this feedback.

The big question is how will these platforms really take over podcasting and the easy way would be for these tools to generate a new type of real-time RSS like API connection to your preferred media player, TV or phone device that would support this new interactive type delivery platform. I think the basics are in place to start doing this, but it will take a revolution not unlike the birth of podcasting to get it off the ground and this platform will need to enable screen-level playback tracking that will help enable the generation of money for content providers in a better way then has happened with Podcasting 1.0. This platform would integrate streaming with downloading and pair those together. The other major issue is the integration of paid download-to-own pay per file digital media transactions and podcast-like subscriptions in the free and paid sides. The only answer is a combination of the two is the only model that works for everyone.

I don't think we ever achieved a podcasting 2.0 as we now need a Podcasting 3.0 and I believe this could be it.

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