Thursday, March 12, 2009

Podcast Feed Submissions Accepted from

The news that broke last week that now has all 12 thousand podcasts available for streaming or download from the web site now. The streaming part is only available for audio podcasts at this time, but could be considered one of the largest online podcast directories online.

The real significant story that has yet to be blogged about is that podcast feeds can now be submitted through This is great for all those Apple Mac users who are making great podcast content and can now submit their feeds. They will also see them in the catalog and this is something that I have been working to get happen for many months at Zune.

It has been many years since a new online podcast directory has launched and is a significant development for the podcast industry.

I want to clear up any rumors about me “moving on” from Zune. It is true that I was off for many weeks, but I am back working on Zune Podcasts as a Podcast Producer that is doing the podcast community relations, editorial and promo features for the Zune software platform at Microsoft.

Rob Greenlee


  1. It is awesome to know you're still rocking the podcast area of Zune, Rob!

  2. Rob, we're glad you're still at Zune!