Monday, September 17, 2007

Live Radio to Podcasting Comes Full Circle

I think it is very interesting that podcasting is going towards live radio at new sites like I watched a Scoble show episode with Alan Levy, CEO of recently and it was like this concept was totally new online.

While I like to see this coming to life again, it is just not new and is a new as old idea. I think that seeing people getting all excited about this development is funny as it is only new to people who are new to the online radio space and don't have an understanding of the history of online radio.

The thing that is new about is that it is free to have a show on the network. The earlier companies charged a fee to host a show on the network. I am sure that will put these earlier companies out of business with a no fee business model.

Just visit that I consulted with 4 years ago and you will see what I mean. You can also see

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  1. We have been talking about mobilcasting/cellcasting/phonecasting for nearly a year on

    In fact today, I will give a presentation about it to over 100 librarians.

    When I have done it in the past to various groups and shown how easy it is to dial and listen the crowd literally can't believe it.

    I also talk about some phones and those with enough bandwidth to stream live(and those with enough geek experience) various forms of content.

    In demos I often show (makes finding stations easy and with one-click to open the stream to service like, where you can stream live air traffic control towers.