Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Great For Mobile Web Browsing and RSS Feed Reading

I have been reviewing the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet over the past few weeks and it has been a companion to my Nokia N73 phone. The photo you see to the left of this post is taken with my N73 phone on my desk in my office at Melodeo.
I have very much enjoyed this phone companion device as it has extended my phones abilities and AT&T/Cingular MEdiaNet Edge unlimited data plan that I use on my phone. This tablet has a much larger screen then my N73 and gives me a really good web browsing and RSS feed reading experience. The text can still be very small on the N800, but it has a toggle on top of the device that easily makes the text much larger or smaller. I mainly extend my mobile Internet/web experience with the device. It is like having a very small laptop with fairly fast anywhere Internet connectivity.

Though the N800 has many great features that I will expand on, it has had a few issues and shortcomings. I had to return it to Nokia and have them reload the Linux operating system as it just stopped loading after my first two weeks of using it. I got it back quickly as part of the Nokia Blogger Review program. It has worked great ever sense. I am just getting it all customized to my preferences, bookmarks and RSS feed subscriptions.

The N800 is also limited by outside software compatibility issues as it just does not support much outside software like most of the Instant Messenging software. It only supports GoogleTalk and Google Gmail. The browser is ok with the ability to play YouTube videos on the screen via a good Wifi connection. If you could get a solid 3G connection it would be great for mobile video, but on Edge it can be a really slow buffer. The RSS feed reader does a nice job, but is really basic and operates like Bloglines. The N800 has a built-in video and still camera that pops out from the side of the device, the image is a little poor. The device also can stream Internet radio stations to its two stereo speakers and play music anywhere in your house via wifi.
I have not been able to locate any podcast catching application that will run on the N800, but Google searches work great and it is very fast and is great to have if you have a Nokia phone. I did not try it with a different make of phone so I do not know if it works with Motorola, LG or Samsung phones. The N800 is great for friends and my wife to jump on the web while in the car to find and research all sorts of things while away from my computer or that are just to hard to research on my small phone screen. The device sells for over $300 dollars and is worth it if you spend a lot of time commuting on a train or bus and don't want to spend the $60 per month it costs to get 3G on your laptop.

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  1. mobiledivide9:33 PM

    For a good im client pidgin(formerly gaim) is available. A decent podcatcher is gPodder, you need python to run it.