Friday, June 01, 2007

Mobile Podcasting Survey Results

You may have read here that I have been conducting a mobile podcasting user survey over the past few weeks. Well, I have some results to share that show some interesting aspects of mobile phone consumption of podcasts. I have had about 100 people fillout the online survey.

If you have used mobilcast and would like to contribute to this study, you can still do it via this link.

Do you listen to podcasts on other portable devices besides Mobilcast?
Yes, on iPod -------------- 38.1%
Yes, on other mp3 player - 22.6%
No ----------------------- 39.3%

The above is telling me that 39% percent users of mobile podcast listening is being done by people who are not listening to podcasts on an iPod or mp3 player or these listeners have stopped listening to podcasts on an iPod or mp3 player to only listen via Mobilcast.

I also asked when and where do Mobile Podcast (Mobilcast) users listen to podcasts?
In the car --------------------------------------- 29.3%
On the bus or train ---------------------------- 28.1%

At work ------------------------------------------ 25.6%
In the office -------------------------------------- 19.5%
At home ---------------------------------------- 34.2%
When I have a few minutes at various locations - 43.9%

The leading "various locations" answer (43.9%) is what we here call "Tweentime", that is times the user listens while waiting in line, at the doctors office or waiting to get on a bus. The other significate use is while excercising. The other major use area is "at home" (34.2%), "in the car" (29.3%), "bus or train" (28.1%) while communting to work.

The survey is also showing the majority age of mobile podcast listeners are between the ages of 30-50 years old. The largest percentage is between 30-40 years old (43.4%), 40-50 years old (24.1%). The 20-30 year olds use is at (14.5%).

I am not sure how this use pattern mirror the iPod or mp3 players, but this is the use pattern that we are seeing with this study. Thanks to all those who spent the time to contribute to this study.

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