Monday, June 04, 2007

Melodeo Launches "nuTsie": Get Your Entire iTunes Music Library On Your Mobile Phone

Melodeo is proud announce a new mobile and web service called nuTsie beta, this currently FREE mobile music service allows consumers to get their entire iTunes library on their mobile phone and via login on the website. The nuTsie free public beta (available immediately at, allows anyone to easily shuffle through all of their iTunes music and playlists in hi-fi quality on their mobile phone or on the Web.

Here is a fun video Melodeo has produced that simply expains "nuTsie".

nuTsie allows users to access all of their favorite iTunes music on a wide variety of today's most popular phone models, with no expensive device upgrade required.

nuTsie is built on Melodeo's proven high-quality, low-bandwidth mobile streaming technology that has been hardened and tested with Melodeo Mobilcast service, which is currently launched with wireless carriers around the world.

This new nuTsie service really means consumers will never again have to hassle with synching their phone to a computer, downloading music or dealing with limited storage capacity on their phone. Read more about the service.

nuTsie does not download actual iTunes song files, so there are no storage issues, sideloading hassles or piracy worries. Instead, nuTsie works by referencing a consumer's iTunes library and playlists and then making the same track titles available for streaming from nuTsie’s servers via the Web and mobile phone.

nuTsie combines Melodeo's innovative streaming music technology with an enhanced “radio rules” shuffle algorithm that ensures artists, record labels and music publishers are paid for every use of a song. nuTsie is also the only non-Apple music service to play "Fair Play" music purchased by download from iTunes.

The nuTsie service can also be accessed via a browser on any Web-connected computer. Consumers can listen to their iTunes music just about anytime and anywhere with nuTsie.

You can also follow updates to the nuTsie service by checking back here and by visiting the nuTsie blog.

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