Friday, June 08, 2007

Jupiter says; Phone is clearly evolving into multimedia device

Michael Gartenberg from Jupiterresearch has posted a comment in his blog about "nuTsie";

Michael says, This will be something to watch. Will Apple allow this to go on? What are the legal issues of streaming content like this? But for now, it's simple, elegant and free. The phone is clearly evolving into a media and entertainment device, that like camera phones are finding their contextual niche. This is a perfect app to help make that happen faster.

I totally agree with Michael that the phone is becoming that true convergence device that everyone thought it could become. The iPhone, Nokia N-series devices, Treo smartphones and many Windows Mobile device are clearly examples of that growing trend. I am seeing more people moving over to these type of devices. These devices need content to help people see the greater value and nuTsie is clearly delivering the content that people want.

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