Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What happened to the Podcast Industry?

I have been involved in on-demand portable downloadable digital media since 2000 when I first posted mp3 file downloads of my WebTalkGuys Radio show. The term podcasting has seen huge media attention that drove new content and listener growth in the first two years (since 2004). This massive amount of media attention inspired many new content creators, because they saw an opportunity for fame and fortune that was mainly fanned by MTV TVj Adam Curry (PodShow and Daily Source Code).

You must give Adam credit for driving the massive amount of attention to Podcasting, but was the hype overblown? I think looking back now it was very overblown and the expectations that Podcasting would kill radio now seem totally absured. Yes, when was the last time Adam Curry and podcasting was mentioned in the media? It is safe to say that the media and general podcasters burned out on Adam Curry and his podcasting hype. He even recently lost his Sirius deal to broadcast podcasts. He is seen now as a negative influence on the world of podcasting for many reasons related to his efforts to commercialize podcasting and to take credit at the expense of others on the Podcasting page at the Wikipedia.

I still have faith that on-demand portable downloadable and streamed digital media will continue to grow and develop, but it will happen at a DRM free level.

The news around Podcasting the past few months have been less then positive and have shown a real falling to earth. We have seen many commercial entities around podcasting fall to earth under the weight of open and non-commercial influences. In the news today of Audible's Wordcast (commercial DRM'd podcasting service is being shutdown and last weeks news of ODEO being sold, Loomia changing it's business model away from podcasting are signs of an industry in a less inflated market and one that is getting more real by the minute.

If you want to go back in time and read some of the discussion around commercial podcasting then start here with a post made by my WebTalk Radio co-host Mitch Ratcliffe, that fueled this later discussion. If you scroll down the page to the comments, you will see a few thoughts of mine back then.

Sure the hype is down and it is not as exciting to be involved in podcasting, but that is ok with me because I am here for the long-haul and I have seen this since it started. I still think that on-demand portable downloadable and streaming digital media is the future of all of our media consumption.

The term Podcast and iPod is an evolutionary step in the process to huge global adoption of consumption via mobile devices of all kinds.

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