Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thanks for the Mobilcast Reviews

I want to thank the many bloggers over the past few months who have taken the time to do a review post about Mobilcast and their experiences with the service. I wanted to give them some attention, Google juice and link love for their time and effort. I will be over the next week going through and posting these reviews and commenting on them.

Earlier this week, (Monday, May 21st, 2007) Ken Rutkowski, long-time host of KenRadio World Tech Roundup give Mobilcast a big endorsement on his show. You can hear it by visiting his show page and listening to the first 3-4 minutes of the show. He has a little flash player on the page to listen with. Ken has a huge following for his show and has been doing his daily show for 10 years now.

I also want to thank all those that have responded to the call for feedback and filled out our online survey about Mobilcast. If you would like to take the survey then jump on it now via this tinyurl --

The most recent blog review was from Matt Cuppa's blog sub-titled "My take on tea, technology and our environment".

Here is Matt's post about using Mobilcast from May 17, 2007;

"After registering on the website and setting up the application on my phone, it took about fifteen minutes to set up a list of “Favorites.” Using the “Search” feature gave me better results than scrolling through the limited list of pre-selected podcasts. I was very happy with the selection of available podcasts. I was able to find all of my usual shows with the exception of one.(Treehugger Radio, which is pretty hit-and-miss no matter what service you use.) There is a website component, which I have not spent much time with, that allows you to link you’re mobile “Favorites” to your account on the web.

The playback is surprisingly high quality. It won’t make you hang up your iPod, but for streaming data over a cellular network… wow! I expected the tinny sound of overly compressed audio accompanied by plenty of blips and stutters, symptoms of dropped packets. You’ll hear a stutter now and then, but for the most part it’s mp3 quality sound. The playback controls are intuitive, but if you forget how to pause your show, there is button map on screen. I really like that my phone’s volume control works within the application, and that playback continues even if I close the flip. This is great because I can pocket my phone and go. If you’re used to your iPod, it’s a bit inconvenient that you can’t rewind or fast forward, although you can skip to the next episode or pause your current episode. If you stop in the middle of an episode, even after quitting the app, starting the episode again will bring you to the point you that left off at.

Over the past few weeks, this application has made it onto my short list of essential mobile applications. I’ve come to love simple applications that focus on doing a few things very well. Mobilcast does just that. With it’s intuitive controls, large selection of available podcasts, and surprisingly good audio quality, I’m totally sold on Melodeo’s Mobilcast. Assuming your phone is supported, this is just an all-around good app to add to your mobile aresenal."

Wow, what a positive review and he covers all of the highlights of the application. While Matt is correct about many of the advantages to using Mobilcast, we realize that we can always improve the experience. He is correct about the blips and stutters in the playback as we must use the carrier data networks and they do have dead spots in coverage and many times because of our adaptive chunking buffering of audio the application will play right through those dead areas and then when a new chunk of audio is needed then network coverage is back.
If you are using an older version of Mobilcast then you need to upgrade and get the great new audio quality that is available in our 5.1 version. All of our carrier deployments are now on the new better sounding version.
Check back again soon to see more reviews posted here. If you have a review then please post it and send me the link and I will give you some link love and Google juice for it.

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