Monday, April 23, 2007

Popular Razr Mobile Phone with Mobilcast

Getting on-demand audio podcasts does not require buying an iPod or other mp3 player.

Millions have a Motorola Razr and it will get you access to your favorite podcasted radio feeds from MSNBC, NPR, CNN, ESPN and New York Times. You can also get Car Talk, TWIT, CNET, KEXP, a2z Radio, Fresh Air and many other Rap/Hip Hop music feeds.

Mobilcast has almost 10,000 of the best on-demand audio feeds in a searchable inventory.

Here are our categories in our Mobilcast v5 Beta:

My Favorites
Tech, Biz, Sports
* Refresh
* Link to Web

Friday, April 20, 2007

My Mobilcast Wishlist

You might find this a funny and interesting post, but I am putting out my Mobilcast wishlist in the hope that you will join in and agree or disagree with me. Mobilecasting represents a new media RSS-based distribution platform and it is a model that is presently difficult to grow around the iPod+iTunes platform. The iPod has such a hold on peoples understanding and awareness of portable media.

We here at Melodeo are trying to determine more things we need to do and have some more ways to make Mobilcast a faster breakout success in the market worldwide. It is presently tough for many technical and awareness reasons. We are supporting over 100 mass market phones and we have been wondering about whether moving to supporting the newer smartphone devices like the Palm Treo’s, Samsung Blackjack, Danger Sidekick, Blackberry Pearl and other Windows Mobile devices is our ticket to faster adoption of our heavy data using Mobilcast application is the way to faster adoption?

We presently support all of Nokia's N-series phones like the N70, N73, N80 and the coming N95, but those Nokia phones are just not really available in the USA much and the 3G radios in them just don't work with carriers like Cingular/ATT and T-Mobile.

We are seeing the growth of the smartphone devices as significant, but would like to hear from you on whether you would try Mobilcast on your smartphone as I am sure most of you who are reading this have one of the above listed smartphones.

I thought that it was great that VoiceIndigo was able to get Samsung to pre-install their Podcast catching application on many of their mobile phones. I even spoke to John Mayerhofer who is CEO of VoiceIndigo about his new announcement and told him that I though it was great that they got that deal. We are both working hard to build this space and understand it. We both understand the Podcasting with an iPod space, but podcasting to a mobile phone is an entirely different thing. It is tough for potential users to install the application and it can be expensive with wireless operators charging users for every KB of data delivered to the mobile phone.

I would like to find some volunteers online that are willing to try Mobilcast and give a public review about the experience and let us know what they like and dislike about the application. We need your feedback so we can fix any issues that I am sure exist in using the application.

Please send me an email to (rgreenlee at and let me know how I can help you do the review and will also post some or all of it here and link to your blog or webpage.

Rob Greenlee

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Are Podcasters Causing Slowing Growth?

Paul Colligan's "Are Podcasters Slowing Down Podcasting’s Growth?" blog post brings up many sore issues with Podcasting.

This needed to be said.

13 Signs That Podcasters Might Be The Podcaster’s Worst Enemy:

  • Obsessing about free Podcasting services, events, training, and products while complaining that nobody wants to spend money in this space.
  • Raising panic about web streaming rates for RIAA music while claiming that Podcasting doesn’t need that top 40 crap.
  • Bragging that your show isn’t making money while shouting that “traditional media” should follow your model.
  • Preaching to the converted while snubbing noses at those who haven’t figured it out yet.
  • Spending hundreds$ on microphones while complaining about the shipping charges on “free” business cards.
  • Pounding Apple TV for not having HD while ignoring that fact that your Mom can actually use it.
  • Voting Tech Podcasts to the top of every list while assuring this medium is for everybody.
    Begging for reviews at iTunes, the Pickle, the Alley and more while assuring us that they don’t matter.
  • Promising this media is for everyone but attacking anyone who tries a different business model.
  • Claiming your work is extremely valuable but accepting CPM rates of less than Murder She Wrote reruns.
  • Pushing the Anti-DRM Gospel while freaking out if your blog content was “repurposed” anywhere.
  • Praising Skype as the ultimate interviewing platform while forgiving the fact that it simply isn’t.
  • Complaining that none of the “big boys” are in this game but failing to produce a model that the big boys might be interested in.

If you think I include every Podcast in this list, you didn’t read the list. If you find that you resemble something on this list, … I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I do generally agree with all of the points he makes about Podcasting, but it is a reflection of human emotion and contradiction. We all say and do things that can be seen as contrary to our best interest.

Everyday I feel pressure to ignore tech podcasts as many on the outside of our community don't feel that they should spend any time or effort at all on tech podcasts and early adopter tech geek types. They see tech content as too narrow and not a large potential audience.

Newer people to the podcast industry want to see podcasting become a mass media like broadcast and reach a huge audience and a mass market audience. I think many think this can be done by ignoring the early adopter audience, but I think that is a mistake. Many also think that this can be done by simply offering a more diverse and complete content offering. I know that I am splitting hairs on this one, but I think this approach is getting ahead of itself.
I think where we are today is still clearly in the early adopter semi-geek phase and that is where the growth still is. It is just slower growth for now until the technology, usability and compelling non-tech content appears. I think we are seeing this happen at NPR as they start getting into video podcasting as well. I also think mobile is a very important evolution of podcast distribution.

I know this is a little off topic, but I am working on the mobile podcasting piece with Mobilcast and it is expanding all around the world fast. I am working on content and operator deployment all over the world right now. You all would be amazed if you saw the list of operators moving to Mobilcast and Mobile Podcasting.

All I can say is that Music, Comedy, Entertainment, Tech, News, Talk Radio are the top content categories with everyone of these operators. These are the content areas that need to be grown and improved in podcasting to reach the masses. But I also feel that niche programming has a big piece as part of the growing importance of long-tail content, I am just seeing a lot of this content fade out.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Melodeo Mobilcast Video Demo from Gnomedex 2006 Posted

You can now see the the launch presentation that Bill Valenti, Sr. Executive VP and founding CEO and I (Rob Greenlee, Sr. Marketing Manager, Content) gave at the 2006 Gnomedex tech conference in Seattle last June 2006. The site that you see in the video demo has changed a fair amount sense then and has actually even changed domain names from to

This YouTube video does not cover much on the mobile side as we were launching this new website. But it is an interesting view into our involvement in Gnomedex as this video was just released on April 13, 2007. Thanks to Chris Pirillo for getting this video out and available to be seen.

Monday, April 09, 2007

New Video Demo of Mobilcast v5 HiFi Beta Released

I have created a new video demo of our newly released Mobilcast v5 HiFi beta (you can get the beta FREE). This mobile podcast listening java client application supports AAC+ audio at 24K streaming and sounds great. We have also updated the catalog to require less screen scrolling and search is right at the top of the catalog. You can search and find podcasts audio programs that you like and add them to your My Favorites list on the phone in Mobilcast.

Embedded below is the New video demo of v5 HiFi beta that I just made of Mobilcast running in a Nokia N73 mobile phone. Watch at YouTube

Here is another video that I made last week that demonstrates the use of Mobilcast in a Nokia N95 mobile phone to listen to podcasts via in-car stereo in a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid car. Watch at YouTube

Rob Greenlee

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

In-Car Mobile Podcast Listening with Mobilcast and N95

Here is a video that I made that demonstrates a very cool way Mobilcast can be used to access audio podcasts in a car. I made a short video with my Nokia N73 of my N95 running Mobilcast and playing audio via wire and 1/4 inch jack into my stereo in my 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid as I was driving down the freeway in Seattle.
The sound of the "a2z radio" music channels in Mobilcast sound like a very good FM stereo broadcast.

Watch the video.

Mobile Presidential Fun at CTIA

I was surprised on the final day of CTIA Wireless in Orlando, Florida last week when two former US Presidents showed up 100 feet away from my exhibitor pod in the Nokia booth. George H W Bush "41" and Bill Clinton "42" arrived by secret service escort on golf carts and accepted free Nokia N75 mobile phones as gifts.

You can see me in the background of this below video of the Presidential visit posted to YouTube.

Below you can see some photos of Melodeo Mobilcast Pod in the Nokia Booth at CTIA.