Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Podcast" Name Not Globally Used

I came across this very interesting blog post at all-podcast-secrets.com that talks about how universial around the world the term "Podcast" is used to describe the process of creating and distributing audio and video via an RSS feed.

"In German, Spanish and Dutch, several alternatives were offered. For example, the Spanish initially toyed with translations like “audioblog” and “radioblog”, but ultimately settled for the English term “podcast” although it is difficult to pronounce for Spaniards.
In French, the Canadian state of Quebec prefers the terms “baladodiffusion” and “baladiffusion” which is difficult to translate into English, but which means something like “broadcasting for walkman”. These terms can be heard on Public radio in Quebec. In France, one of its many official language commissions has recently tried to impose the term “Diffusion pour baladeur” but no one uses it. Nice Try Big Brother!
And in China? Podcasting is called 播客. Say what?! Don’t worry. It looks “worse” than it sounds. The word is pronounced “podcast” and it means “users who broadcast”.

There is one place where the term has been localized, and that is South Africa.
In April 2005, the term “potgooi” was introduced into Afrikaans, and in fact, Afrikaans podcasters prefer it to the term podcast.

Thanks to Glen Verran, Fabio Bacigalupo, Bertrand Lenotre, Jose A. Gelado, Jack Gu and Jean Scholtes for contributing."

Seems the state of podcasting on a global scale has finally started to get some interest online. I am very glad to see it happen and hope to be a focal point for fostering this discussion as Mobilcast is expanding very fast across the globe.

More folks in other countries are jumping into the conversation that have been up till now dominated by USA based conversation on this topic. It is also interesting that this growing conversation seems to have a strong mobile phone component to it.

The other interesting development is the formation of the World Podcast Forum to address podcast and mobilcast issues world wide.

I am working hard to make local language content catalogs for each country. Podcasting is not all in english. This is a point that needs to be reinforced that podcasting is not just an english opportunity.

Rob Greenlee

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