Sunday, March 04, 2007

Music Rocks Mobilcast Listening with Launch of a2z Radio

Music has been growing in importance to users of Mobilcast, so we are taking action to improve the overall listening experience. The top music genres are Hip Hop and then Rock. We have just launched our new Mobilcast v5 beta that has HiFi audio quality if your phone supports AAC+ audio codec. This increasted audio quality now makes it possible for audio playback in Mobilcast to be like FM radio quality.
Update 3/6/2007 Official Announcement

See flash player below to sample some of these feeds you can get on your phone with Mobilcast.

We have also revampt the entire on-phone content catalog in Mobilcast v5 beta. It is much more compressed now with only the most popular and highest quality content.

Here is the current catalog breakdown the comes up when you launch Mobilcast on your mobile:
My Favorites
Tech, Biz, Sports
* Refresh
* Link to Web

We are also applying most of these above changes to our wireless carrier catalogs at Alltel, Cingular, 3 UK and our other wireless carriers deployments. But each wireless carrier deployment is slightly different as some of them have exclusive content that is only available in those carrier catalogs. The 3 UK catalog has much more content from UK and Europe.

Now back to the music launch announcement, Dave Dederer, Jon Anderson and I have been working to create and have now launched 5 new music feeds in Mobilcast.

Four of the music feeds are titled a2z Radio and feature Rock of Ages, Country, Hip Hop and Top Hits. These episode feeds are about 30 minutes long and are just like a streaming radio station, except for the fact that we are only playing to greatest and most popular in each genre.

Dave Dederer, who is now our Sr. Director of Digital Content and co-founder and former band member of The President's of the United States of America is starting to produce his own weekly music Mobilcast called "Dave's Picks". When his new podcast is officially announced next week he will have produced two 30 minute episodes that plays and discusses his favorite Grunge rock music from Seattle's Grunge hayday and other songs he likes to share.

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