Thursday, March 22, 2007

Apple's New iPhone Won't Run Java-based Mobilcast

The truth is that Java on mobile is the only economical way of building applications for mobile phones that will work on a large number of different mobile phone devices on the market. It is phone’s like the coming iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm Treo and some very proprietary phones by Motorola, LG, Samsung and Sony that make up the 20% of the phone market that break the bank for application developers.

I am with Melodeo Mobilcast that is working to port podcasts to mobile phones all over the world and the missing support for java forces us to spend thousands of wasted dollars building device specific versions of our Mobilcast application.

The mobile industry just needs to make Java standard on all phones.

Mobilcast is available to be installed outside of most of the carrier networks with our Mobilcast v5 beta.

The only carrier that will absolutly not run Mobilcast is Verizon here in the USA.

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