Sunday, February 25, 2007

Growing The Podcast Audience

It is the job of every content provider, directory and distributor that has an interest in seeing the podcasting space grow. I think the industry is on the verge of a move to mobile and Microsoft is on the verge of doing something with RSS media enclosures.

I also think it is easy to think podcasting has flat lined with Odeo going up for sale, but like streaming media was 5 or 6 years ago the podcasting industry is going through change. We are coming into a time of consolidation, as we will see players in this space merge with each other this year. I believe that we cannot bank on the iPod for our long-term growth and major media is really beginning to drive our listener growth.

We need to start thinking about listener ease of access and use. How are we going to reach the most listeners as possible and grow the list of quality content being made available?

I have been working at Melodeo Mobilcast for over a year now and have been a webcaster and podcaster for a long-time with my own WebTalk Radio podcast. I think mobile phone access to all audio and video podcasts through applications like Mobilcast is the growing future for content distribution and listenership. I think this is the bigger message is that it will make less sense over time to call mobile phone listening "Podcasting".

I know that I am biased in my view on this as I work for Mobilcast, but I also have an inside view on what is developing around the globe as we roll out Mobilcast. I just got back from 3GSM in Barcelona, Spain and I saw first hand high interest from mobile carrier operators around the world for mobile podcast distribution and growing adoption numbers.

Mobile distribution for content is happening now and is not just a dream. It will only grow over the next 5 years and I do believe the devices like the iPhone and other multi-media capable mobiles will play a large roll in us reaching the mass market with frequently updated short form audio and video content delivered by RSS enclosures.

Rob Greenlee

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  1. I agree completely. "Podcasting" and the specifics of it's implementation have created a little confusion. RSS and people's adoption of it to schedule media downloads is what most people think of when podcasting is defined but in fact what's happening is just a step toward mobilizing media. In the future it may not be called podcasting and it may not involve RSS but moble media will continue to grow. Giving the consumer the ability to listen to or watch content of their choice on demand is a major selling point.