Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Saddam Execution Video Recorded from Mobile Phone

Many are saying that this was a jump the shark moment for mainstream media by user-generated mobile video. Users created the video content and released it online when the major media did not do it. See this blog post from Adam Curry:

"One last prediction as we close out 2006: The Saddam Hanging video will go down in history as the Shark Jump moment for mainstream media worldwide. The “people” get what they want to see and no bureau chief or network boss can stop us. Recorded on a cellphone by a single citizen in Iraq, seen worldwide the very next day."

Another post from PodcastingNews.com:

I think they are correct that mobile video will be big for the creation and capture of moments that have up till this time been lost. The mobile phone has seen some early success as a playback platform with MobiTV, but we will continue to see slower adoption of viewing video on the mobile phone then we will see with the creation and publishing side. Look for a big push from Melodeo soon around our new mobile video publishing and viewing platform MoboFLIX.com.

Rob Greenlee

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