Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Mobilcast Video Demos - Mobile Phone Podcast Listening Software Video Posted To YouTube

I have created some new comprehensive video demos of the mobile phone podcast listening application called "Mobilcast" and Melodeo.com. The other videos document the process to make a Melodeo.com website playlist sync to mobilcast on your mobile phone. In the spirit of full disclosure, I do work for Melodeo Mobilcast.

I have wanted to to make this below demo for a month now and I finally got to it. The demos will give you a great feel for how our application works. Give it a Watch.

To get Mobilcast go here

Here is a direct link to this YouTube video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=T1BHuQ5RbLU

I have also created a few other videos below as well that are posted to my Windows Streaming Media Server. Feel free to share these links around.

- Here is the same as above 5 minute Mobilcast Video Demo in a Windows Media Stream.

Windows Media Stream (300K stream).
Watch - http://www.mytalkradio.com/melodeo/mobilcast-demo-5min.asx

- This video shows you how to use Melodeo.com to setup your "My Favorite" podcasts and have the same favorite podcasts available in the same "My Favorites" folder inside the Mobilcast Mobile Phone Podcast Listening Application.

Windows Media Stream (750K Stream)
Watch - http://www.mytalkradio.com/melodeo/melodeo-mobilcast-link2web-4min.asx

- This last video will show you how to enter your "My Favorites" link code into mobilcast.

Windows Media Stream (340K Stream)
Watch - http://www.mytalkradio.com/melodeo/mobilcast-webtomobile-on-phone.asx

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