Monday, January 29, 2007

Looking For Mobilcast Users

I am on the hunt for current and past Mobilcast application users. Please if you know of someone or you are that someone who has used Mobilcast on your phone then "I Want You".

I am just kidding a little bit on this, but I do want to reach out to our 10's of thousands of users to get direct feedback on some pretty basic things about how your experience has been over the past year.

Here is an example of some user feedback we got over the weekend;

"Why did you change the New Today category in mobilcast to have so many news and weather podcasts? It used to be my favorite way to listen to many podcasts. Now is such a mess. Maybe make a different one - "News Today" for all the different versions of the same day's news if that is what some people want but put back one that has various interesting podcasts together that I can just let play one after another."

My answer to this user frustration is that we have been testing the addition of localized content with Daily Weather forecasts and Daily Horoscope audio and it has unfortunatly messed up the "New Today" category function. We are going to take action on this right away as it is a problem for me and I am a heavy user of Mobilcast.

I too want my "New Today" category back in better play again.

Here are some basic questions that I would love to get your feedback on with Mobilcast.

1) What function or feature is missing from Mobilcast?

2) How useful is Mobilcast today for you?

3) Do you prefer my Editorial Selection of Content or Do you prefer to create your own playlist?

4) Do you mostly use the "New Today" category to listen to content?

5) How important is "Search" in Mobilcast on the phone?

6) What audio content genre's are most important to you?

My email is (rgreenlee at and my office line is 206-812-4327.

Give me a call and leave a message and I will call you back.

Rob Greenlee

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  1. Hello has become my favorite way to get the podcast that I like. I miss the onion radio news,for some reason it dosen't show up on my mobile. Can U tell me why? Is it a thing with Sprint? You know how mobile carriers are. My Samsung 900 won't play Nbc nightly news unless I subscribe to sprint tv.Could Sprint block from my phone podcasts that I can buy from them? Allan Sheldon