Wednesday, December 06, 2006

UK Wireless Carrier "3" Launches N73 with Mobilcast

Melodeo and 3 UK have officially released Mobilcast to millions of advanced mobile phone users in the United Kingdom. 3 UK wireless has launched Mobilcast in an innovative "X-Series" mobile media package around the new Nokia N73 multimedia computer phone. This package includes Mobilcast, mobile Skype, Sling media, Yahoo, Ebay, Orb and the MSN Mobile Live Messenger. Here is a link to the 3 UK X-Series page that is presenting Mobilcast. 3 has done a terrific job presenting Mobilcast on this new Nokia phone.

3 UK is planning on pre-installing Mobilcast podcast application on the N73 and custom podcast content catalog that is mostly UK and European podcast content. This catalog has many podcasts from the BBC, Guardian, Financial Times and many others.

The big difference between 3 and a carrier like Cingular here in the USA is that Mobilcast is available without a paid $3-5 dollar monthly subscription, your use is paid for through being a data plan subscriber that is in addition to your plan minutes. This is a much better way of offering Mobilcast in my humble opinion and is proving out as our growth and pickup of new daily users is far surpassing any other carrier launch we have had to date.

I actually have been using this very cool new N-Series N73 phone as my own personal phone for the past 4 weeks and generally love it.

Thanks to Nokia for sending me the N73 and the N93 phones to review and including me in their Blogger Review Program.

The N73 and N93 have some powerful features: 3.2 megapixel camera with a Carl-Zeiss Optics and large 2.4 inch screen display. This screen on both devices is spectacular as it has very deep and sharp looking colors. The N73 phone is very small in a candy bar form and is very comfortable in the hand and the N93 is huge flip phone that has many screen pivets. I am sure for many the N93 may be too large of a phone, but it fits great in my large hands. The N93 is really a video camcorder first and a phone second as it has a lense cap for the video lens.

The big thing to keep in mind is that the N93 is a tri-band phone and does not really support Cingular very well as it is missing the 850 band I recommend T-Mobile here in the USA for the N93. The N73 is a quad-band European 3G phone and works great with Cingular.

The other things I can do with the N73 phone is directly upload photo's to my account at, subscribe to RSS feeds in the pre-installed new and very capable Nokia web browser. No reason to get the Opera mini or any other mobile browser.

This launch with 3 UK is a promising sign to the potential of mobile phone podcast listening.

Rob Greenlee

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  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    I have been using opera browser for two years, and opera mini since january. Some weeks ago I tested the nokia browser on a friends phone. I strongly disagree with you when you indicate that the nokia browser is good enough. It is not good enough as long as you have opera mini. It is two very different browsers and nokias is not the best one...