Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mobile Phone Podcast Listening Predictions for 2007

I have been seeing a rash of folks predicting podcasting trends for 2007 and thought that I might jump in on this discussion.

First of all, the state of podcasting in late 2006 is relatively strong and still growing but at a slower pace. I think we have been seening a large amount of podfading going on in the USA and in other countries.

Podfading, if you do not know the term is starting a podcast and then burning out and slowly declining in the frequency of recording and publishing of episodes online. I have been guilty of podfading my own 8 year old WebTalk Radio Show. I do have a new WordPress blog being built right now and will be kicking it back into gear again on a weekly schedule of 30 minute shows. I get emails from listeners asking me to keep the show going and I plan to do so. I have been having a hard time doing a regular production for many reasons over the past 6 month or more. I am pushing hard on my work career here at Melodeo and want to impact portable media distribution in a big way. I have big plans coming this next year and it does involve more podcasting in audio and video. This podcasting will not always include me as the host. Stay tuned.

This also leads me to the real purpose of this post and that is to say "The big growing trend for podcasting in 2007 with be two things: Video Podcasting and Mobile Phone distribution" of video and audio podcasts or as we here call it mobilcasts or now MoboFLIX for mobile video.

I also believe that we will see other competing portable media playback device makers start to take back marketshare from the Apple iPod and iTunes engine. I also think this take back and leveling of the playing field is good for everyone involved in podcasting and portable media devices.

I am just seeing so many cool new media playback devices and those include new mobile phones that have large storage capacity, fast broadband wireless Internet connections that can also record and create great quality audio and video content.

We will see many more mobile phone user-created video direct upload to the web and blog to RSS feed services this coming year.

I do think that the number of total listener and viewer numbers will grow slowly in 2007, but will still see strong growth in the content creation side with some podfading as bad content is weeded out from the mix. Major media will continue to keep advancing podcasting as a viable distribution platform.

I think the Zune will eventually start having an impact on podcasting in the next version of the Zune and Zune Marketplace. Microsoft will deploy a directory like solution, but it will be focused more on video and music related podcasts.

I do not believe that Microsoft will ever use the term "Podcast" in any significant way with the Zune device or even in any new windows media play upgrade. It will always be referred to as "RSS Media" attachments.

2007 will be good for Podcasting and more so for Mobile Podcasting and for the new 007.

Rob Greenlee

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