Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mobilcast Adoption at Carriers is Growing Fast

I know that I have never posted here about any of our current Mobilcast user totals and growth rate. I am sure that many in the podcasting industry would be interested to know some numbers. I am not able to give out numbers, but will share as much as I feel that I can.

Right now our fastest growing subscription adoption mobile phone carrier we have right now is 3 UK. They are our newest carrier launch as well, but 3 UK has done a very nice job of packaging Mobilecast into a bundle with other applications on the Nokia N73. I posted on this launch a few days ago in this blog. They are also not charging a subscription fee to get Mobilcast. It comes pre-bundled on the N73 and is downloadable for free to other phones. Users just pay for podcasts based on data usage translated from plan minutes.

The second fastest growing wireless carrier we have in user adoption is Alltel - Axess Mobilcast. Alltel has the largest total user base of all our carriers including our regular mobilcast client application. I wish that I could give you actual numbers. The total number count is impressive for the short amount of time since it has launched. We just launched with Alltel in late June '2006.

Cingular has been growing fast as well, but is not growing as fast as Alltel and 3 UK. That may seem strange to you as Cingular is the largest wireless carrier in the USA, but it is also the carrier that has the most competition for media applications on the mobile phone. The other hold back is the fairly expensive data plan that is need to get internet access on your mobile phone.

We do believe that the combination of a higher mobilcast subscription cost (4.99 or 5.99 per month) and an expensive data plan program does not work as well as a FREE Mobilcast access and paying for mobilcast streaming with wireless minutes. Many wireless users have excess rollover minutes that could be used this way and others would listen to a few short podcasts on the mobile phone that have very little impact on minutes usage on these type of plans.

Rob Greenlee

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