Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cellcast vs. Mobilcast Which is Best?

It should be clear that I have a bias for Mobilcast or Mobilecast as my preferred shortcut name for podcast listening or watching on a mobile phone.

Here is an article that talks about "Cellcasts".

I also found another more recent article talking about The Coming Age of the “Cellcast” or “Mobilcast” and here is a snippet from the Resource Shelf Blog post;

"It’s likely only a matter of time that many users will be able remove the step of downloading audio/video content and then playing it on an iPod/MP3 player. Already happening and we think likely to increase in usage will have users simply streaming (and then saving the content it they like) material to their mobile device or laptop/desktop computer. Live programming, already taking place online, will also grow. Increasing bandwidth from cell/mobile providers will help make this possible." Read the whole post at the Resource Shelf blog.

It is already happening and Melodeo Mobilcast is a strong example as 9 to 1 users are choosing to stream over downloading podcasts with Mobilcast. Users are also listening to short-form content on mobile. Users do download more longer-form podcasts on mobile then stream long-form podcasts.

My conclusion is that:

Downloading on mobile will be mostly done for longer-form content
Content that a listener may want to watch or listen to more then once
Would like to listen when away from the wireless data network.

Rob Greenlee

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