Thursday, November 16, 2006

Web to Mobile Podcast Subscriptions Now LIVE at

Your Favorite Web Podcast subscriptions in your My Favorites web folder at can now be shared in your My Favorites folder in Mobilcast on your phone for convienient streamed playback of YOUR Podcast

You can create a My Favorites podcast subscription list at and and have that playlist automatically populate your My Favorites podcast list on your mobile phone.

Just create an account at and then visit the "Mobile" section in the upper navigation bar and hit the button on the page to "Link To Web" then generate a code on the next page that you will then enter into your mobilcast client application you have loaded on your mobile phone and you have your same podcasts at also available on your phone.

Check it out today. It is very cool and it does work with Cingular and the regular Mobilcast client. It does not work with Alltel quite yet as they are on a BREW platform and their client version does not support it yet. But is coming very soon.

Rob Greenlee

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