Monday, November 13, 2006

Podcasts Listening On Any Phone at

The tech news blog has posted about some new companies, Podlinez and Fonpods that make podcast audio listening available to any mobile phone or regular landline phone. This is not a new concept as the Mobile Broadcasting Network has been doing this for many years now and is coming back into fashion again with the growth in interest around getting web-based audio streamed into the phone.

While it is interesting and easy to listen to a podcast by dialing a phone number, it is not what people would think of doing on a phone. The other thing is that this process does not enable podcast search & discovery, bookmarking in the content for later continuation on the phone, being able to get a call while listening to a podcast and then resume it after the call is over. The other drawback is the potential for getting high audio quality playback on the phone.

I can see a small segment of the market being interested in doing this process by saving podcasts phone numbers in their contact list on the phone like a person, but it is just not a long-term model for meeting the long-term listener needs in a iPod replacement device like many of the new mobile phones are becoming.

This is good for a person who has a extra minutes to use for this or likes to listen on the weekends when minutes are unlimited, but it will not be a long-lived model that will work.

Rob Greenlee

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