Wednesday, November 08, 2006

All Audio and Video Auto-Starting has Ceased

We have decided to auto-start silence on our home page at You can feel safe and easy about visiting the site again to find and create playlists of the best audio and video podcasts on the web today. We will not blow your speakers out with auto-starting media files and cause your browser to stop working as slow loading video podcasts download at the same time you are loading our frontpage. We have done this because YOU have asked for it. Thank you for speaking up about it.

I am working hard to add new video podcasts every day. I am currently adding ski and snowboarding video podcasts from independent podcasters and ski resorts all over the world. These are generally very fun videos and we have also added a mature category that is only reachable via search. I have also added some more channels like G4 TV video podcasts to the website. These G4 videos are some of the best major media branded podcasts available, you should go check them out.

Now on a totally different topic, I will be relaunching my WebTalk Radio Show and website very soon. It will be built on WordPress and should get me back into the groove again in making more regular shows and blogging about general technology topics again.

Rob Greenlee


  1. Thanks! I felt similarly.

  2. Looking forward to hearing you again on webTalk. I miss the podcast, you always had interesting topics and guest.