Monday, October 02, 2006

TV-Like Video Podcast Experience

We have created the beginnings of a very cool experience around RSS-delivered video at You can see above that we are creating a playlist experience with video podcasts. This experience is making the playback of this video much better then any other way possible online. You do not need to transfer the files to an iPod type device, but we will also soon be supporting these videos on the mobile phone.

We play the video in a drop down area in the center of the page on our site. We have a black background so it creates that TV like presentation. The video's are not cached and are played back directly from the content creators web servers. You can control the order that the video's are played back by clicking on the album art or changing the playlist to text and seeing all the episodes in the playlist and selecting one to play.

Visit our site and scroll through the "Popular Video" featured channel at We have many of the very best video podcasts available. I am working hard to find the very best video online for our site.

We are actively look for video podcasters and would love to have your feed in our directory.

Rob Greenlee

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  1. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Hey, was just playing with my pocket PC based mobile phone, and tuned into your radio show, which mentioned this blogspot. I found it via windows media player, my phone was conneted to my wireless network. I just found it strange that you were talking about mobilephone pod casts "shows like this" when I was listening on my mobile phone. Over here in the UK.