Monday, October 02, 2006

Melodeo Mobilcast Officially Launches With Cingular and M1

Today was the day for the official launch of Mobilcast with Cingular nationwide. Cingular has 57 million wireless subscribers and should be a real deal test for Mobilcast in the wild. We have been working hard to build out our platform to support this and the Alltel launch.

Here is a link to our announcement at PC Magazine.

The other real cool thing about this cingular launch that was not mentioned in Cingular's release was the applications support for web to mobile play list mirroring and audio playback bookmarking. This means start listening to a podcast on the web at and you can finish it on the phone later. Very cool. Cingular is also working hard to provide Exclusive podcast content to Mobilcast.

We also officially launched Mobilcast on M1 in Singapore today as well. Both of these carriers have unique on phone directories of podcasts. M1 has many Singapore based podcasts in their directory. Here is a link to M1 pimping the new service.

Rob Greenlee

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