Friday, October 20, 2006

Auto-Starting of Video at Ceases has decided to stop auto starting podcast video on our frontpage as of Friday afternoon. We just felt that the delays in downloading the video files was slowing down the new user experience and was pushing new users away. We are working to improve, please keep giving us feedback. We are working on some really groundbreaking experiences in the area of playlist and episode management.

I am working on new european language podcast catalogs for many new wireless carrier deals we have coming. It is presently very difficult to find and listen to podcasts from other countries around the world. I am working on building a directory that will feature the best international podcasts. This has been a facinating project and has involved working with international studies students from the University of Washington.

I will post more, but have been busy listening to podcasts and recruiting new podcast content.

Rob Greenlee

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  1. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Stupid website. You don't even allow mobile web browsers to access your site and your site won't even load without the flash player. This sucks!

    Then finally I poke around with a PC browser and discover that there is a mobile java client available which I then download. But guess what?The darn program refuses to activate on my cellphone with no reason given.

    Nobody wants another PC based podcast agregator!

    And fire whoever does your website for their gross stupidy in locking out your customers!