Friday, September 22, 2006

Is iTunes Destroying Open Growth of Podcast RSS Distribution

It is sad that the original podcatcher application the iPodder Lemon, now known as Juice has been made irrelevent by iTunes. I have heard that the Juice developers have stopped updating the code for it. It is a very good application, we will soon be making it available from as an alternative podcatcher for our users who do not want to use iTunes and just want to get their own playlists loaded on a regular mp3 player using RSS feeds of our users playlists.

It is also very scary the trend that I am seeing of podcasters only linking over to iTunes from their blog or web page and not publically offering an RSS feed link from their website.

I am especially seeing this trend with video podcasters. All podcasters need to keep a link to their RSS feeds available from their websites as a core practice in order to keep other podcatchers and websites in the game. This in combination with podcasters not making sure to submit their feeds to new directories will bring total domination to Apple iTunes and will lock out the broad growth of the podcasting industry.

Rob Greenlee
WebTalk Radio

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