Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sen. John Edwards "One America" Podcast and Melodeo

Senator Edwards on "Your Mobile Phone". His podcast is on and Mobilcast. What do you think of the timing on camera shutter button? It was not set-up.

It was great to see a former Democratic Vice Presidental candidate up close and personal at Gnomedex in Seattle yesterday. Former Sen. John Edwards which we had a joint press announcement with a few days ago... read annoucement.

The announcement came about from a phone call that I got from a person on Senator Edwards podcasting team that they would like to work with us to distribute the "One America" podcast. I quickly agreed to work with them as we are wanting to build out our political content areas coming into the 2006 and 2008 national election cycles.

We both decided to get out an announcement about Senator Edwards podcast being available through our Melodeo Mobilcast and

We wish Senator Edwards good luck in his march towards the White House in 2008. We know he has not officially announced his campaign, but it sure looks like he will run.

Rob Greenlee

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