Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nielsen//NetRatings Replies To "Podcaster" Mistake

I sent an email to my contact at Nielsen//NetRatings about the podcasting research study publish yesterday and I got this email response back from them;

"Thanks for your feedback on our use of the word "podcasters." Because this is a relatively new technology, the terms haven't all been hammered out, but your point is well-taken. We hope we made it clear that we were referring to those who dowload podcasts in the first paragraph of the release."

I am sorry, but the above given reason for the mistake is very lame. Nielsen//NetRatings has lost a lot of credibility with many in the online space from this mistake. I think they have especially lost credibility with podcasters and bloggers.

We just don't need any more potential listeners or people confused about Podcasting.

Side note; I am going to try and get a researcher from Nielsen//NetRatings on my WebTalk Radio show podcast very soon to talk about this research. We shall see if they can make any sense on the phone with me.

Rob Greenlee

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  1. Thanks for posting your research Rob. I find it quite amazing on the one hand but then....I see how difficult it is for even very smart people I know to keep up with Web 2.0. On the videoblogging list, there is ongoing scrapping over what term to use - vlogger, video podcaster, or videoblogger. It's new and it's disruptive, internally and externally.

    I'd have to question the age demographics as well, as none of my college-age nieces and nephews (at schools like U of Mich) subscribe to podcasts, while plenty of 40+ professionals I know do.