Monday, July 03, 2006

Melodeo vs. Odeo Names

Scripting News blogger Dave Winer posted this below about the simularity between Melodeo and Odeo names;

"Melodeo looks good, but isn't its name too close to Odeo?"

Dave, yes you are correct that the names both have the word odeo included and that could trigger a quick "knee-jerk" reaction to the fact that the Odeo word is included in the Melodeo name. The fact is that the name is enough different and any association between the two is weak. The name Melodeo has been online longer then Odeo.

I think is great for podcasting and they have terrific technology. We just feel that the names are different enough to not create any problems for either company.

The discussion about the technology and view point on making a great listening and podcast discovery is a much more important discussion to be having. We are looking for your feedback on how we can make your podcast listening experience as good as possible.

The podcasting industry needs to focus on educating potential listeners about the advantages of listening to podcasts and to drive better discovery, user interfaces and listening technology.

Rob Greenlee

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