Saturday, July 01, 2006

Melodeo at Gnomedex

The last 48 hours at Gnomedex have been very interesting and fun as I got the chance with our Exec. VP Bill Valenti to demo and present the new website.

Bill and I had 10 minutes to demo the new site and mobile experience. We had no big plan to present and was done very informally. We just got up on the stage and just showed how the website works and the bigger vision of the new site. Time got away from us and we did not mention a few things like coming support for video podcasts.

We felt positive about the reception of our concept of blending mobile and web podcast listening. We also felt that the concept of making the "Best Podcast Listening Experience" possible on the web and mobile was well received by all.

The Melodeo team deserves a big thanks for all the terrific work that they put in to build this great new website. We have only begun to build this site and we have a long way to go.

The dream of podcast listening is still alive and well. See us around the world very soon as I am pulling together podcasts from countries all over the world.

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