Saturday, July 22, 2006

Blending Effective Advertising In Quality Content

I believe in two schools of thought about podcast advertising. The first most effective podcast advertisment is one that includes the message as part of the discussion about a broader topic that is presented in a way that people will be interested in listening. It becomes a valuable exchange of value between the company and the listener. The other way is live read host mention in the content of the program.

I recently did an interview with the President/COO of a company called and it was an 18 minute conversation about the video calling industry and how SightSpeed is innovating in the marketplace. I have never recieved a penny from any interview that was directly paid for by an advertiser, but have done interviews and then at a later date the same company become an advertiser.

I have been doing candid conversations with CEO's and other spokespersons from companies for years. I know it is currently thought to be unethical to get paid to do an interview as content for a radio show. It has always been a difficult delema for show producers and hosts to produce quality content that often includes detailed discussion about products and services and not get paid for the massive promotion the is given on their behalf. Many of these companies could become advertisers on radio shows or podcasts, but do not because all of the marketing budget is going to getting free interview placement through a PR firm.

The movie industry is an example of paid product placement, it is happening in every movie these days. These product placement deals are not disclosed to the audience as paid product placement. I think the real issue is whether these detailed discussions are honest or are they just like an infomercial. We are even seeing more infomercials work hard to make these half hour commercials feel like honest content, but the only real difference is that they always say at the beginning of the infomercial that this is a is a paid placement. Most viewers do not see the first 15 seconds of the infomercial and think that the program is a legitiment piece of content.

It is getting more difficult for broadcast radio shows to get advertisers and sponsors, thus the radio stations are shifting the financial burden on too the content providers. Most broadcast radio stations charge from $100 to $2,000 dollars per hour of airtime. The show producer ownes some or most of the hour or half hour time slot.

This financial pressure makes it difficult for most content producers to make any money. All legitiment content shows and infomercials pay this amount. Podcasting does make production of a radio show much cheaper and easier. Thus the explaination for the explosion of new radio like content online.

Rob Greenlee
WebTalk Radio

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