Sunday, June 11, 2006

Scoble Joins Podcasting Firm

The net is a buzz with the news that the Microsoft Geek Blogger Robert Scoble has decided to leave Microsoft and join the newly VC funded podcasting firm that is headed by John Ferrier. See Chris Pirillo's blog post and read Robert's most recent post about all the discussion. I think this is great news for the podcasting industry to have a guy like Robert in our camp.

I have spent time with Robert and John over that past few months. John agreed to have his podcast content in our Melodeo Mobilcast podcast database that is available on the mobile phone. I also asked Robert to be a co-host on my WebTalk Radio Show in the past and at the time he did not feel that he would have the regular time to do the show.

He has done two shows with me over the years. One at (mp3 from 2005) download and the other on my WebTalk Radio Show (mp3 from 2004).

This should give you some idea on how he will do on an audio podcast, but I am sure we will see him doing far more video podcast programs. I believe that I will be watching Robert on my TIVO box very soon and listening to him on phone with Mobilcast.

Rob Greenlee

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