Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Melodeo's DRM Released Open Source PachyDRM

PachyDRM is the first Open Source Digital Rights Management system for any media, any device on any network. It’s in direct contrast to closed and proprietary technologies such as Apple Fairplay and Microsoft DRM.

Commercially deployed by Melodeo since 2004, PachyDRM has been licensed by leading device manufacturers and endorsed by major content providers. PachyDRM is a proven solution for all leading business approaches, including pay-per-download transactions and subscription services.

Among its distinctions, the PachyDRM code was used for the world’s first commercial deployment of legal peer-to-peer music file sharing on mobile phones in Canada, and it has been selected by Access Media as the basis of legal, protected digital content distribution in China.

There is more information at PachyDRM.org and you can read more in our Press Release today.

Rob Greenlee

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