Thursday, June 29, 2006 Wild Fire Launch

We are excited to officially announce the launch of our beta website. We have been working hard to bring this site to life over the past 2 months.

This new website is the first podcasting and social networking service for PC and mobile phones, the two most important and widely used device and computing platforms in the world. Melodeo allows anyone to experience a truly global mix of news, entertainment, music and discussion.

Former U.S. Senator John Edwards is one of the first national figures to podcast, and an early Melodeo user.

We are going to be announcing the launch of this website at the end of the day on Friday, on the stage at Gnomedex in Seattle. Gnomedex is the annual geek fest that is put on by Techie Chris Pirillo of Tech TV fame.

At you can create your own page on the site; build a podcast playlist that will start playing when you login to the site and share podcast episodes with your friends. Other features include the ability to shout comments, discuss podcasts on the site and listening away from the PC on your mobile phone with Mobilcast.

If you are a podcaster, then is a great place to create a community around you and your podcast. Actively participating in the site on a regular basis is a good way for you to promote your show and build a larger audience.

Please jump on the site and make sure your show is in our database and then send out invites to join and share an episode of your show with other people and friends in the community.

The extension to mobile phone listening and compelling podcast playlist management is a fun and powerful combination. We are working hard to bring huge distribution with major wireless carriers from all over the world that will bring your podcast the potential of reaching millions and millions of new listeners over the coming months and years.

We are not planning to insert any audio around any podcasts and we are bringing potentially millions of new listeners as we roll out our mobilcast mobile phone podcast listening application for mass market phones to all the largest wireless carriers around the world. All of you need to have your podcasts in our database. We are all about building mass market use and listening adoption.

You can easily submit at

Our money will primarily be made from shared revenue with wireless carriers and selling branded versions of our community and mobile platform. We are doing deals with wireless carriers all over the world right now and will be announcing some very soon. We have already launched at Rogers in Canada.

We also enable the generation of a feed url of just your subscribed to podcast episodes from your personal podcast playlist that is usable in podcatcher applications like juice and others.

Please come check it out and create a profile for your show and for you personally. This is all very simple.

Here are a few blogger posts about the new site: Blog

Seattle PI - Sen. John Edwards and Melodeo

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Rob Greenlee
WebTalk Radio, Podcaster

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