Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mobile Phone Uploading of User-Created Content

The Mobile Technology Weblog is reporting that will be supporting direct video uploads from mobile phones. This has interesting implications for a broader growth area of user created content being easily published online. It just seems like we are all quickly getting the ability to become content creators and it is just a matter of how serious we want to become about it. We also need to decide how much money we want to spend to have this ability and I wonder if we are seeing another new digital divide happening all over again.

This digital divide is between online citizens who have the mobile phone technology to be part of the growing content creation trend and to stay connected to the growing important social networks like MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn, MSN Spaces and those that do not have the money to join in on the geeky fun. The cost of these high-end mobile phones needs to come down much more, before it reaches a large audience of uploaders.

RSS Feeds need to be the way users publish content from the phone.

The growth of user and professional created audio and video podcasts is expanding very quickly right now and Melodeo Mobilcast is positioned to be an important platform for the distribution of all of this growing podcast content. We would prefer to see user created content available via an RSS feed that is auto-generated as part of this mobile phone created content, so it makes it possible for this content to be distributed more broadly then just to one site like YouTube. Melodeo Mobilcast currently only takes content into our system via RSS feeds.

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