Friday, May 19, 2006

Is Mobile Phone Podcast Listening Dream Alive and Well?

In early 2005, I drank the kool-aid of the dream of podcast listening on a mobile phone. The dream was very much alive in the early days of the podcasting boom with guys like Podfather Adam Curry. At the time the iPod was just the beginning of the types of devices that people will use to listen to podcasts. All the early podcasters saw the few million iPods and Play for Sure Windows based MP3 players on the market and thought that mobile phones would be the natural evolution point for podcast listening.

The dream was and is still alive in me today in 2006 and thus why I am at Melodeo Mobilcast, but it has been a struggle to keep the dream alive in many for some odd reason.

Since I have been here at Melodeo, I have been working really hard to get the Mobile Podcasting topic into panels and tech/digital media thought leader events like South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, TX and many other conferences. I have to admit that it has been difficult and at times hard to understand why many digital media event organizers do not share the vision of what can happen when the potential of podcast listening and creation becomes adopted by users on the coming millions of media enabled smart phones.

Even the flagship podcasting conference the 2006 Portable Media and Podcasting Expo is not discussing the topic. Is it just too early to get the deserved attention yet? I have been raising the topic with all of these event organizers and it is just surprising that the Podcast Expo is not even talking about it on any panels. I would think that podcasters want greater distribution to more listeners. I know this may sound like sour grapes, but these things need to be talked about more.

I am asking you the reader of this post to start raising the topic more in the blogs and talk about the potential of this new listening platform. Being on the inside of this growing industry, I am seeing huge announcements coming on the horizon and big movement coming very soon in the area of mobile phone listening of podcasts.

I cannot give any details, but can say that all the pieces are coming together and it will be big and global. Areas to think about are enterprise podcasting and social networking using digital media like podcasts to create connections and discussion between people.

We do realize that the mobile phones need to get even better to really enable easy use of a phone for podcast listening, but this is happening fast. New phones are coming out fast and the wireless carriers are getting more savvy to podcasting on the mobile phone. The carriers are seeing our podcast listening application as a great reason to market unlimited data or Internet access plans to subscribers.

I just hope that we start to see more brewing interest on the part of podcast listeners and at conferences over the summer.

I am sure that our competitors in this space are also making great strides and we can only hope for a healthy competitive market that helps propel interest and awareness about the great potential of mobile phone podcast listening. Check out links to Pod2Mob, Voice Indigo and Voice Genesis at the Podcasting News website page all about Mobilecasting and you can read more about it at Wikipedia.

Rob Greenlee
Get Mobilcast Today and start getting your podcasts on your mobile phone.

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  1. Rob -

    Thanks for the post. Conference like ours make the business work with sponsorship and exhibit space dollars. While all of the mobile device podcasting applications have asked to speak, none of them have wanted to support the event by exhibiting. Now, lest I spark the whole "quid pro quo" argument about conference organizers wanting $ in exchange for speaking opps, you'll notice that the vast majority of our speakers in our conference are not affiliated with exhibiting companies.

    But I find it curious that while all of the companies you mention see the value in reaching our audience by speaking because it's free, none want to put up real dollars to help us pay all of the expenses it takes to bring such an event to life.

    Rob, you have inquired about sponsoring the event so in a sense this doesn't apply to you (did you get my email yesterday?).

    Bottom line - we have the content - but until the convention center takes podcast files for payment, we need sponsors to pay our bills. :)