Tuesday, May 16, 2006

How Long Till Microsoft Supports Podcasting?

Paul Colligan posted a response today on his Profitable Podcasting Blog to my earlier post about Microsoft support for podcasting;

It Takes 30 Months for Microsoft To Get a Concept to Market?

In regards to my earlier posting today that Windows Media 11 now officially has nothing RSS or Podcasting, Rob Greenly posted the following:

"Everyone needs to remember that Microsoft product update cycles are very long and player 11 features have been set for 2 years now. And since Vista ain't out until 1/2007 (at the earliest), we're looking at a 30 month cycle from feature lock to release.


Please tell me this isn't the case.

I believe that we will see something from Microsoft soon that will start to address Podcasting as a type of attachment for a broader RSS support platform.

What is soon, Rob?"

I cannot say in any detail as I am under a tight NDA with Microsoft, but I can say that we will see the support for Enclosures in IE7 and Vista will have a core RSS support platform built-in. The question that we all have is how far will Microsoft dive into support for podcasting.

Questions still remain like will we need to wait till Player 12 before we see it supported in the WM Player. I think it is safe to say that player 12 will have some level of support for podcasting and it has been in planning for quite a while already. We could see many potential things happen. It is possible to see a mid-product cycle upgrade of the media player or a stand-alone application with some type of directory. We could also see it supported in Outlook or Media Center PC.

I have no idea what direction it could go as all of the above is total speculations on my part and even if I knew I still could not tell you for sure anyway.

Rob Greenlee
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