Friday, May 19, 2006

Fuel Cell Powered Podcast Listening Coming To Mobile

BusinessWeek Online is reporting that Samsung has plans to build prototype mobile phones powered by fuel cells. I think this is big news as one of the big draw backs to listening to podcasts on mobile phones is that it just drains the battery really fast. It is still unclear how long a fuel cell will actually last, but the impression is that it will be a dramatic improvement in talk time and listening time.

Samsung is the world's third largest maker of wireless phones and is behind Nokia and Motorola. This fuel cell deal is an exclusive deal for Samsung to use technology from MTI MicroFuel Cells of Albany, NY. The joint development deal will only last 18 months. Samsung has committed $1 million dollars to the effort.

It is being estimated that by 2012 80 million fuel-cell cartridges will be sold and will typically cost more then existing high end battery technology today.

Side note: Gillette, which owns the Duracell batteries, is working with MTI Micro to create a retail and distribution business for disposable fuel cells.

Rob Greenlee
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