Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Dan Bricklin Gives Us His Top 10 Podcasting Sites

Halley Suitt the CEO of Top Ten Sources website and blogger at Halley Comment has put together a great group of online thought-leader experts that have selected Top 10 lists of blogs and podcasts. I met Halley at the recent 2006 South by Southwest Conference in Austin, TX. She is a great person and has the respect of the online community.

This Top Ten Sources groups together topics that you would not normally think would be covered in blogs. If you are looking for great blogs by topic interest this is the place to go. You can even find a great Top 10 tech podcast recommendation list provided by podcaster Dan Bricklin. Dan has his own podcast at Software Licensing Podcast. Dan also put together a web document about the Genre of Podcasting. It is an interesting read.

Here are some of the Top 10 List that have been created by some well known online names.

See People list below:

Stowe Boyds Top 10 Scobles Top 10 Abraham Lincoln Werner Vogels Top 10 Steve Garfields Top 10 Adam Greens Top 10 Halleys Top 10 Arianna Top 10 Eric Rices Top 10 Lane Beckers Top 10 InstaPundit Top 10 Amanda Congdons Top 10 Maryams Top 10 Wendys Top 10

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