Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Taking Mobilcasting and this Blog to the Next Level

As many of you have heard that I have only recently taken over the blogger role here at Melodeo Mobilcast. This blog was started by my former boss and marketing head Stan Sorensen. He did a great job of getting this blog off the ground and establishing this new medium of Mobile Podcasting or Mobilcast as we call it here. We here do miss him and only wish him the best with any future companies and projects he gets aligned.

I decided a few days ago that this blog needs to be taken to another level as the attention to this space is growing and mobile phone podcast listening is becoming real. We are getting attention from media and major media companies. Things are getting better everyday, but we still have our challenges like any other start-up that is building a new content distribution market.

I love the challenge here and we have some great things coming that will transform how we all experience all types of podcasts. We are bullish on podcasting and its growing impact.

Please keep an eye on this blog over the coming months as we have some real cools stuff coming and will be working hard here to keep you informed on what is happening with mobile podcasting.

Please let your friends know about this blog.

Please leave me comments on what you think is going on and how we can make Mobilcast work better for you. If you talk about us in your blog, I will do my best to link back to you and comment on your thoughts.

I also have been making plans to really push hard on creating some great and compelling podcast content here at Melodeo. We do have a studio and I need to get it fired up more and make some cool stuff. I have created podcasts for the Winter Olympic Games and more recently the NCAA March Madness Tournament (RSS Feed). I will be getting more shows done for WebTalk Radio and if I can fit it in at ITConversations again.

I can be reached at 253-831-5632 on my Nokia N90 mobile smart phone or in my Melodeo office at 206-812-4327 and by email at rgreenlee at melodeo.com. I trust all of you will not spam me or call me at 3AM. But I am an open book and if you have legitimate opportunities for us on the content side or just have a podcast and have questions then please call me.

I learned a valuable lession from Microsoft "Scobleizer" Blogger Robert Scoble a few years back and it was to be an open book online with your contact information and good things will always come to you. Robert has always had his personal phone number and email address on his blog page. I have never been disappointed with his wise words and have always had my contact information online and it has always been a good thing for my podcast and people who have wanted to reach me from all over the world.

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