Thursday, April 20, 2006

Podcast On The Floor in Portland

Alex Williams creator and founder of the Podcast Hotel and now Podcast on the floor in the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR is hosting one of many podcasts from this two day event (April 19th and 20th). In the above picture you can see Alex in the distance to the left of the projector screen hosting one of many podcast about how to make a podcast and the future of podcasts.

Here is the mp3 file (52 min) from Podcasting Today and Tomorrow panel at the event. Is Podcasting for Real and Podcasting Future sessions merged to close the show. John Hartman, Rob Greenlee, Eric Rice and Jason Ruby talk about the future and legitimacy of the medium of Podcasting.

This was a fun event that reaches thousands of people online and helped educate many tech business people about the potential of podcasting.

The evening Podcast Hotel Party featured Eric Rice and his Second Life Virtural World Demo... very cool. Eric has enabled virtural world concert performances with artists around the country inside of Second Life. The real singers perform with a microphone in front of their computers from anywhere and the audio is streamed into Second Life virtural concert stage where a virtual avatar representation of the singer actually lipsyncs the performace in front of an audience of avatars assembled to enjoy the concert and mingle with others from all over the world. This is an interesting blend of the real world with the virtural world and could be made into a video podcast and distributed as an on-demand performace as well.

Rob Greenlee

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