Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mobilcast Explained

I recently gave a comprehensive presentation about Mobilcast to the April meeting of the Seattle Podcasters Network Meetup group. The room was full of podcasters and great questions. If you are wanting to hear more detail on podcast listening and podcast distribution with Melodeo's Mobilcast then give this a listen. Download the mp3 here.

Attendees included:

John Calderon The Xen Show
Jeff Harris - ATC Pagan Information Network - The Aquarian Tabernacle Church
Ricardo Rabago - High Octane Trading Radio - Organically Speaking
Aaron Apple - PRWeb Podcast - Pacific Standard Time
Lacey Bevis - PRWeb Podcast
Andrew Schlicting - PRWeb Podcast
Buzz Bruggeman - Buzzmodo - Active Words
Travis Petershagan - Crap Monkey Podcast
Jason & Rebecca (Buckin’ Becky) - Metal Jesus Rocks
Jim - Came to find out what’s going on.
Terry Rielly - Checking it out.
Jason - Mars Hill Church
Robert Sanzalone & Fumi - PacificIT
Louise & Stuart Maxwell - Seattle Real Estate Talk
Stephen McCandless - Caution Zero
David Marriot - Seattle Jazz Scene
Kevin Maude - Life Reviews
Antonio Latimore & OT Crozz - Alpha-Omega Cast
Rob Greenlee - (guest speaker) WebTalk Radio - Mobilcast
Leif Hanson - Bleeding Purple Podcast

Rob Greenlee


  1. Thanks very much for the presentation and allowing me to interview you Rob.

    To listen to the podcast chat, go to:

    Looking forward to trying out some great new things with Mobilcasting!

    Thanks again,

  2. Rob:

    Great to see you! Change the link for my blog to:

    Long story..


  3. Buzz all fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

    Rob Greenlee

  4. Hi Rob. Don't mean to bug you but I posted the link the the interview yesterday and don't see it here. If it was a glitch I will post again. If you prefer not to see it here, just let me know. No biggie

    I was back in Seattle today. Too bad I wasn't aware of your job fair. I'm always looking for opportunities to spread the word about great technologies and am looking to relocate in Seattle. I chatted with Stan a short while ago and he said I should talk to Jim about the ideas I had. Oh well.

    Also, not sure if you received my message about listing Pacific IT on Melodeo. Should I be bugging you about this? If not PLEASE let me know. Again, no biggie.

    Thanks Rob.