Thursday, April 20, 2006

Podcast On The Floor in Portland

Alex Williams creator and founder of the Podcast Hotel and now Podcast on the floor in the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR is hosting one of many podcasts from this two day event (April 19th and 20th). In the above picture you can see Alex in the distance to the left of the projector screen hosting one of many podcast about how to make a podcast and the future of podcasts.

Here is the mp3 file (52 min) from Podcasting Today and Tomorrow panel at the event. Is Podcasting for Real and Podcasting Future sessions merged to close the show. John Hartman, Rob Greenlee, Eric Rice and Jason Ruby talk about the future and legitimacy of the medium of Podcasting.

This was a fun event that reaches thousands of people online and helped educate many tech business people about the potential of podcasting.

The evening Podcast Hotel Party featured Eric Rice and his Second Life Virtural World Demo... very cool. Eric has enabled virtural world concert performances with artists around the country inside of Second Life. The real singers perform with a microphone in front of their computers from anywhere and the audio is streamed into Second Life virtural concert stage where a virtual avatar representation of the singer actually lipsyncs the performace in front of an audience of avatars assembled to enjoy the concert and mingle with others from all over the world. This is an interesting blend of the real world with the virtural world and could be made into a video podcast and distributed as an on-demand performace as well.

Rob Greenlee

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Podcast On The Floor

In the morning I am off to Portand to speak at the "Podcast On The Floor" event at the InnovTech Conference. I am on a panel covering the Future of Podcasting and will be joined again by co-founder Eric Rice, Jason Ruby of and Alex Williams + Cathy Wang from Podcast Hotel.

This event is generating all sorts of interesting on the ground about creating great podcasts. You all should keep an eye on this cool event. Even Scott Bourne, co-founder of adds his voice to the question "Is Podcasting for Real?". Scott has a great radio voice and has plenty of broadcast background that he brings to any discussion. You can hear his thoughts in this mp3 file.

Rob Greenlee

Mobilcast Explained

I recently gave a comprehensive presentation about Mobilcast to the April meeting of the Seattle Podcasters Network Meetup group. The room was full of podcasters and great questions. If you are wanting to hear more detail on podcast listening and podcast distribution with Melodeo's Mobilcast then give this a listen. Download the mp3 here.

Attendees included:

John Calderon The Xen Show
Jeff Harris - ATC Pagan Information Network - The Aquarian Tabernacle Church
Ricardo Rabago - High Octane Trading Radio - Organically Speaking
Aaron Apple - PRWeb Podcast - Pacific Standard Time
Lacey Bevis - PRWeb Podcast
Andrew Schlicting - PRWeb Podcast
Buzz Bruggeman - Buzzmodo - Active Words
Travis Petershagan - Crap Monkey Podcast
Jason & Rebecca (Buckin’ Becky) - Metal Jesus Rocks
Jim - Came to find out what’s going on.
Terry Rielly - Checking it out.
Jason - Mars Hill Church
Robert Sanzalone & Fumi - PacificIT
Louise & Stuart Maxwell - Seattle Real Estate Talk
Stephen McCandless - Caution Zero
David Marriot - Seattle Jazz Scene
Kevin Maude - Life Reviews
Antonio Latimore & OT Crozz - Alpha-Omega Cast
Rob Greenlee - (guest speaker) WebTalk Radio - Mobilcast
Leif Hanson - Bleeding Purple Podcast

Rob Greenlee

Celebrity Podcasting Starting to Boom

I have been hearing more and more about celebrity video podcasts coming on the scene. One today was announced by Daryl Hannah, as she is the host of a new podcast, Daryl Hannah’s Love Life, at

The show is a professionally-produced video podcast that “explores inspirational and cutting-edge developments in green culture and lifestyle.” Episode topics have included biodiesel fuel, vegan junkfood and green architecture.

I also heard about Jack Black doing a funny video podcasts. I believe that this is a sign that video podcasts are going to have a major impact on popular culture and we will see video podcasting content creation explode over the next 12 month.

Rob Greenlee

Melodeo Marketing Interns

We are having an open house job fair in the office today to find some great summer online marketing interns to inject some college age energy into our Mobilcast podcast listening efforts. We hope that these interns will be able to create some great content and spread the word about listening to podcasts on the mobile phone.

This is an education drive to build the efforts around our next big podcast evolution revolution that we are now working on building. Stay tuned for photo's of this open house and our coming larger website foot print. More info to come.

Rob Greenlee

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Is It Time For Podcasting To Evolve?

It has felt like Podcasting has needed to move to the next level for months now, but it is being held up by non-commercial pressures and lack of great content search and discovery experiences. The podcasting community needs to work harder at removing RSS from the listener experience process and creating easier to use tools for the creation of high quality sounding podcasts.

Podcasts need to get down to a more personal and local level to continue to grow. I believe that some of the most compelling uses for podcasting have not even been done yet. One example is podcasting inside of educational institutions like the University of Washington and Duke (see recent article in the Seattle Times)

While iTunes has helped take RSS out of the listening process and pulled many new listeners into podcasting, they have presented a very limited set of experiences to podcast listeners. They are only surfacing the same limited list of podcasts from mostly the same podcasts week after week.

I believe that all the above is partially to blame for this recent Forrester study results that came out yesterday. It is amazing how quickly perceptions can change when one big research firm releases a study. Forrester just released a study of 5,000 people about Podcasting on the Charlene Li blog and this is that the study said:

Forrester podcasting report - just 1% use podcasts

We just released some new data on podcasting, in a brief “Podcasting Hits The Charts” (available only to clients).

Here’s the summary:
Podcasts have hit the mainstream consciousness but have not yet seen widespread use. One-quarter of online consumers express interest in podcasts, with most interested in time-shifting existing radio and Internet radio channels. Companies that are interested in using podcasts for their audio should focus not only on downloads but also on streaming audio as a means to get their content and ads to consumers.

Our survey showed that only 1% of online households in North America regularly download and listen to podcasts. And when you include all of the people who are just interested or have used podcasts, they strongly favor listening to existing content like Internet radio or broadcast radio, not necessarily new content. (And for newspapers thinking about podcasting, putting print stories into audio format just ranked ahead of original content from bloggers) I think this has something to do with:

1) original content just isn’t as well known; and
2) existing content benefits from users that simply want to time shift it.

This survey exposes the tendency that people have to gravitate towards content providers they trust and have a relationship with already. It does make sense that we tend to stay with the familar and with the massive crowd of new podcasting content online it is difficult for listeners to easily discover audio content that can fill the big shoes of a long trusted broadcaster like an NPR or persononalities like This Week In Tech podcaster Leo Laporte, who spent many years on broadcast radio in major markets like LA's KFI.

Kurt Hansen, the Editor of the RAIN Newsletter wrote in a 4/6/2006 post:

My belief is that podcasts — in the sense of short programs automatically downloaded overnight onto MP3 players — are merely a transitional phenomenon, until consumers' mobile devices are Internet-enabled. At that point, it will make sense to simply grab an on-demand stream of the program you're interested in.

Kurt has a great point that generally how we get programs today with an iPod is just a transitional step in the evolution of Podcasting. I met with Kurt at a recent Seattle area Public Radio Conference and I showed him Mobilcast. I explained to him that over 8o% of our podcast listeners experience the audio as a stream into the mobile phone.

I believe that our stats are confirming a long held belief by many in the Internet Radio space that when we all get reliable and inexpensive wireless broadband coverage to mobile devices then it will be checkmate and game over for the hard drive based side loaded content systems like the current iPod.

Podcasting is built on the principle of side loading and automatic download syncronization of mp3 files. Yet all the use data is showing that most people are listening to audio from a webpage as a stream. It is logical not to see that the next evolution in podcasting needs to be on-demand streaming of podcast content and the concept of podcast downloading will only have a long-term support role for listeners that are outside of wireless internet range or want to archive the content for repeated listening.

Mobilcast is bringing this future reality to life right now.

More discussion: Mark Evans: ...And I Was Just About to Jump on the Podcasting Bandwagon
Kevin C. Tofel / Kevin 2.0: 700,000 podcast households? Turn up the sound Forrester.
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Black Rim Glasses / Charlene Li's Blog: Forrester podcasting report - just 1% use podcasts
Amit Agarwal / Digital Inspiration: Podcasting bubble seems to have burst
Alexander Muse / Texas Venture Capital Web 2.0 Blog: Podcasting use follow-up
John Cook / John Cook's Venture Blog: Who's listening to podcasts?

Rob Greenlee


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Melodeo Mobilcast on Red Herring 100 Short List

04/05/2006 -- The Red Herring announced that it has narrowed the field of contenders for its annual "Red Herring 100 North America" list to 200 companies. Well over 1,000 privately held technology companies submitted to this year's edition of the prestigious award, giving evidence to the invigorated innovative and entrepreneurial strength of the technology ecosystem.

The names of the 200 companies short-listed as finalists for the "Red Herring 100 North America" can also be found online at

Melodeo joins PodShow, Inc on the list as the only other podcasting focused company to make the cut.

Here is the complete list of 200 companies.

Rob Greenlee

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Taking Mobilcasting and this Blog to the Next Level

As many of you have heard that I have only recently taken over the blogger role here at Melodeo Mobilcast. This blog was started by my former boss and marketing head Stan Sorensen. He did a great job of getting this blog off the ground and establishing this new medium of Mobile Podcasting or Mobilcast as we call it here. We here do miss him and only wish him the best with any future companies and projects he gets aligned.

I decided a few days ago that this blog needs to be taken to another level as the attention to this space is growing and mobile phone podcast listening is becoming real. We are getting attention from media and major media companies. Things are getting better everyday, but we still have our challenges like any other start-up that is building a new content distribution market.

I love the challenge here and we have some great things coming that will transform how we all experience all types of podcasts. We are bullish on podcasting and its growing impact.

Please keep an eye on this blog over the coming months as we have some real cools stuff coming and will be working hard here to keep you informed on what is happening with mobile podcasting.

Please let your friends know about this blog.

Please leave me comments on what you think is going on and how we can make Mobilcast work better for you. If you talk about us in your blog, I will do my best to link back to you and comment on your thoughts.

I also have been making plans to really push hard on creating some great and compelling podcast content here at Melodeo. We do have a studio and I need to get it fired up more and make some cool stuff. I have created podcasts for the Winter Olympic Games and more recently the NCAA March Madness Tournament (RSS Feed). I will be getting more shows done for WebTalk Radio and if I can fit it in at ITConversations again.

I can be reached at 253-831-5632 on my Nokia N90 mobile smart phone or in my Melodeo office at 206-812-4327 and by email at rgreenlee at I trust all of you will not spam me or call me at 3AM. But I am an open book and if you have legitimate opportunities for us on the content side or just have a podcast and have questions then please call me.

I learned a valuable lession from Microsoft "Scobleizer" Blogger Robert Scoble a few years back and it was to be an open book online with your contact information and good things will always come to you. Robert has always had his personal phone number and email address on his blog page. I have never been disappointed with his wise words and have always had my contact information online and it has always been a good thing for my podcast and people who have wanted to reach me from all over the world.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Mobilcast Top 20

Here is the Mobilcast Top 20 Most Listened List from last week (3-27 thru 4-2-2006).

1 - AccuRadio Streaming Music
2 - Bubba Bohacks Comedy
3 - Ricky Gervais – Past Episodes
4 - ABC “Desperate Housewives” Minute
5 - The Onion Podcast
6 - NPR News Update
7 - New York Times News Podcast
8 - NPR: All Things Considered
9 - CNN News Update
10 - Comedy 365
11 - Alt.NPR: On Gambling with Mike Pesca
12 - ABC News
13 - Mobilcast Radio
14 - Slashdot Review
15 - MSNBC News
16 - Slate
17 - mvyradio Live Radio
18 - CBS: Andy Rooney Podcast
19 - Asia Cast
20 - Mobilcast March Madness Update

This Top 20 Podcast List made up 61% of the total episodes played last week.

Mobilcast Podcast Playback: Streaming 91% vs. Downloading 9%

Rob Greenlee