Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What's a Podcast Again?

M:Metrics, the company that is starting to do good work around measuring the mobile market, recently published a couple interesting points that were forwarded to me. They surveyed a number of mobile subscribers and learned the following:

  • 40% have never heard the term podcast
  • 27% have heard the term podcast, but don't know what it is
Wow...doing simple math, 67% of our core audience - mobile subscribers - don't know what the thing we're delivering is. I don't know whether to be scared or excited.

What this tells me is that we might be charging the wrong hill. Our approach has been to tell people the benefits of getting podcasts onto their phones. Based on this data that only works for 1/3 of the audience. If you believe these numbers we actually need to start a step before that and tell people what a podcast is.

Or we ignore the podcast word altogether and use terms like broadcast. Or news/weather/sports. Or entertainment. Or even radio on demand (but not TiVo for radio because folks either love or hate TiVo).

Regardless, education is key. And we need to make it very simple.

I've been talking around here about the Mobilcast web site. I think it does a great job of telling people how to install the product. But it is missing what Mobilcast is or why anyone should care. We need to fix that.

We can't stop charging the Mobilcast hill. But the best way to serve our customers, which in turn builds our business, is to make them smarter by explaining what a podcast is and why they'd want to listen to one. Then why listening on a phone is so much better than listening on a PC.

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