Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Welcome to Our Partner - InfoWorld

Today we announced a partnership with InfoWorld whereby Mobilcast becomes the exclusive mobile provider for the InfoWorld Daily Podcast.

The InfoWorld Daily Podcast is ideal for Mobilcast. It's short, topical, and updated daily. Plus it is geared towards one of our target listeners - the technical leader. There folks are frequently early adopters, and likely to try Mobilcast as one of their podcast listening tools.

In talking with InfoWorld it became clear that they understand the power of podcasting, and get how to use it to grab and keep an audience. They believe it has extended their "stickiness" with their core audience. They view mobile as the next step because it extends that audience and increases the stickiness factor.

And personally I've always liked InfoWorld. I've been reading it for 12 years, and have personally worked with a number of the editors there, including podcast host Tom Sullivan.

You can read the full release on the Mobilcast site , or on InfoWorld's site.

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