Friday, March 17, 2006

Reflection on SXSW and Podcasting 2.0

I was asked by an podcasting industry media person today a few questions about my experience at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas. Here are the questions and my answers.

-What was the most noteworthy podcasting/video podcasting thing you saw or heard?

Rob: I was surprised how little it was actually discussed at SXSW. The media hype and buzz have sure dropped off about it. The other was Chris Pirillo's comments during my Podcasting 2.0 session where he talked about NPR killing Podcasting with quality and that anyone should not podcast.

While these comments may have some thread of truth, it tells me that things have not changed as much as we might all think as it relates to radio or audio. The same major media sources are starting to dominate the gathering of large audiences in podcasting, but I believe that we are still going to see long-tail podcast content creation continue to explode. I think you just need to reflect on the growth of blogs to see this happen with podcasting.

I also believe that we will see more interactivity and two way conversation come to podcasting. We will also continue to see other creative ways podcasts are used and the variety and depth of content will keep expanding.

-What stands out in your memory of SXSW overall?

Rob: The involvement of women bloggers and woman tech/creative types at this conference. While woman have been involved in tech conferences in the past, this years SXSW was quite a change from the normal tech conference of just a year ago.

Woman technologists really add a whole new dimension to the discussion on panels and bring better communication, community, activisms and more social elements to the technology discussion. I also believe that woman help balance out the male dominated elements of a technology event.

Rob Greenlee

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  1. Was there any discussion about Blogburst?